Shekinah Shazaam Photography LLC

My biggest passion is photography so I made it a business!


My specialty lies in portraiture, fashion, & events. Along with shooting those genres, I also have prints for sale.


Here’s what I wrote on my about page:


Hello dear viewers, I am the one behind the lens of  Shekinah Shazaam Photography. I have to say that of all the visual media that I am passionate about, I find photography to be the closest to my heart. I grew to love the power that photographs hold, especially in my design work, so I decided to teach myself alongside my college studies. Learning the technical skills, lighting, composition, concepts, & implementation has been truly exciting and enlightening. I definitely plan to continue this process for the rest of my days.


I am drawn most to people, and contrasting ways to portray them. For example, I adore avant-garde fashion shoots but I equally enjoy simple down-to-earth portraits. It is perhaps this ability to capture such different aesthetics that sets my work apart from others. My goal as a photographer is to present the natural beauty of other humans (whether the method is fantastical or candid.)


I try to include as much texture as possible, which I find compliments the overall smoothness of my subjects. I favor clean and bright editing without an excessive amount of manipulation. Fashion plays a key role in many of my shoots, and I always thoroughly consider what a person needs to be wearing to fulfill my vision. To me, it is not simply a “click of a button.” Crafting a shot takes planning and thought. When done well, a photographer is able to shine through their photos.


I hope my message is communicated well and above all, I hope you are able to glean a bit of inspiration from my images!


May the light be with you.