A Natural Hair Study


This was a series I did from May 2021-December 2021 on my patreon. Along with the branding and illustrations, I developed my research skills and wrote educational posts about various natural hairstyles. Read my intro below:


FRO FILE is a way for me to reclaim my heritage.


So much of my ancestors’ culture was lost as they were forced to come to this country. Africa is a vast and rich continent, and as far as I know, my particular ancestors are from a few countries on the west coast.


I realize as a Black American with mixed heritage, I don’t have the specificity other people have to their traditions.


One thing I did inherit though was my coarse and coily hair.


There’s so much about natural hair I didn’t learn until I myself went natural in 2010. Vloggers were the pinnacle of my education on how I could really take care of my hair. I even made my own tutorials as a way to help.


I hope to learn about the histories of many different hairstyles from Black & African scholars and share those findings on FRO FILE.


I hope this series resonates with you all, no matter your own cultural backgrounds!